A lot of people ask what they could get out of membership in ASI. But the interesting thing is, that actual members of ASI tend to join because they feel they have something that they are called to give. They are led by the Spirit to provide encouragement to others who are sharing Christ in innovative ways or to share their ministry with churches and the community.

Encouragement: ASI provides regular fellowship with active, inspirational spirit-filled Christians who are pouring out their lives for the sake of Christ.
Empowerment: ASI provides the opportunity to work with churches, conferences and dozens of effective ministries throughout the Union and around the world
Equipping: ASI provides tools, experience and materials and, yes, even funding for selected ministries which demonstrate promise and effectiveness.

Our church needs the active involvement of spirit-filled leaders who can help to make a difference in the community, and to inspire other members to even greater dedication to Christ. Join the ASI family now, and help make a difference today.